Special Disaster Response Team


 Welcome to Archangel S.D.R.T. Website

Welcome to Archangel Special Disaster Response Team web site

A.S.R. is a Sea and Wilderness search and rescue service and training center located in DuBois, PA. The team’s volunteer members are dedicated and train hard, and we do this by using skills learned through extensive classroom education and field training.

Our team responds to natural or unnatural disaster. We are able to travel anywhere within the United States. We can respond to weather related events, securing insurance company temporary facilities, communication & command post facilities, securing buildings destroyed by fire or floods, or pending arson investigations.

Our teams are completely self supporting with their own needed equipment, specialty vehicles, supplies and generators. 

We provide everything needed to support our assignment without the need of any outside services.When responding to disasters outside the State of Pennsylvania, our Disaster Response Team will work with your staff or local security agencies and law enforcement in a supportive and consulting role.


For events and disasters anywhere around the world, we can offer fully trained and certified armed and unarmed agents as needed along with supplies and equipment to support our mission and secure your facility or assigned areas.

What We Do

  • Search for missing people in the wilderness and urban settings all over PA, WV, OH
  • River, Lake, or Sea Search and Rescue with certified divers.
  • Get paged out for a search mission 24/7
  • Have one general meeting and one full day of training each month on the calendar
  • Medically trained to at least the Advance First Aid or Emergency Medical Responder level.
  • Conduct evidence searches for various law enforcement agencies
  • We are a volunteer organization, so we provide all of our personal gear ourselves 
  • Have vehicles stocked with gear.
  • Are made up of both adult and youth members
  • Raise our own money for equipment
  • Conduct operations each year
  • Assist with natural disasters, and pretty much anything which involves injured or missing people

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